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Our Property

At Bussard Ranch we do it all!


  • Desert Dream Gardens is located on the property and is open to the public Fridays and Saturdays from 10 am- 4 pm April-July.  We sell flower baskets, perennials, annuals, vegetables and shrubs.  

  • We have planting parties in early spring and plant pots to order. Feel Free to schedule an appointment before we open for planting party's, drop off your pots or discuss an order!  

  • Whether your having a wedding, graduation or family reunion we have the colors and arrangements you need.

  •  Our plants are grown and raised in Central Oregon and are climatized to Bend's unique temperatures.

  • We also sell honey, beef, beef cattle, pork and assorted eggs.

  • Check out our recent family wedding!

  • Please call or send a message to inquire about other offerings.

mama and baby
basket made at Desert Dream
On the Tractor
Paddling on the pond
Flower wagon
barn and grotto area
The Grotto
resident beekeeper
Bussard Ranch Hunny (Honey)
1945 ford
wide open fields
gate to pond
wedding basket
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